Best Legal Service

Buying and Selling Property

Whether you are buying your first home or investing in a development, regardless of property value, we aim to ensure a smooth transfer of the legal ownership from one owner to you!

Selling your home or property – we have the expertise needed to guide you through every step of the way regarding the sale process.

The entire legal process and procedures involved in buying or selling your property will be fully explained to you at the outset.

Employment Law

We will advise you on all relevant areas of employment law. lf you are facing a work-related dispute at work, we can assist you in enforcing your employment and contractual rights as outlined in your contract of employment and/or relevant employment legislation.

Work disputes affect your salary, work reputation and perhaps your future career opportunities and prospects. We can assist you with reviewing and negotiating your Contract of Employment. We can represent you at employment meetings with management, we can represent you at relevant work tribunals such as the Work Relations Commission (WRC) or Courts. We deal with disciplinary and grievance cases. We advise on bullying, harassment, equal opportunity and discrimination matters. We handle unfair dismissal claims. We advise both employers and employees in this intricate area of law.

Family Law

We offer you practical legal advice and support with your family law case and an outcome that is in the family’s best interests.

We appreciate that family law matters are very sensitive, emotional and stressful. We deal with divorces, separations, custody and maintenance cases. We also deal with co-habitation laws. At all times, we will reach out with you to reduce the stresses and ill feelings that arise in these types of cases while protecting and pursuing your rights. We will strive for the best outcome for you and your family. If possible, at the outset, we will explore and strive to obtain an appropriate family settlement agreement.

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims arise from many circumstances but often include motor car crashes, work and farm accidents, slip and fall accidents and accidents in and around public places. You must bring a claim within 2 years of the date of the accident. To recover compensation for personal injury there must be recognisable damage which has given rise to pain and suffering. You can also pursue claims for psychological symptoms if these apply to your case. You must establish that somebody else was at fault. The amount of compensation awarded to you will depend on the nature of the injury and the losses and expenses that arise as a consequence. Expert medical reports are required to deals with the issues of your injury and the prognosis regarding your recovery. We have vast experience in dealing with personal injury cases.

Medical Negligence

We offer a medical negligence claims service. Sometimes, for differing reasons, a medical diagnosis, surgical procedure or hospital treatment does not proceed according to plan and things go wrong with your doctor, consultant or the HSE. If that happened due to accident or mistake, then you may have a valid claim for compensation for medical negligence.

If medical professionals fail you, the results can change your life and well- being. We work with you to seek compensation that will assist you to obtain a fair resolution.

Probate Law & Wills

We provide a stress-free probate and estate administration service for Executors of Wills or relatives responsible for the administration of the estate where there is no will. Our firm offers straightforward, practical advice on the procedures to obtain the estate administration following the death of a loved one. We will deal with all relevant agencies involved including the Probate Court, Revenue Commissioners, Department of Social Welfare clearances, Banks and other relevant institutions depending on the deceased persons particular circumstances. We will ensure all relevant inheritance tax returns are completed in a proper and timely manner.